These are personal accounts of the negative consequences that inappropriate interviews have had on people.

#22 Don B. CS: 1,2,7

Shortly after my Mormon family moved to La Grande, Oregon in 1971, my father told me that I had a meeting with the bishop. I was just fourteen, and I had never met the man. My father ushered me into his office. I had had an interview with a Mormon bishop in Pennsylvania, and it…

#19 Name Hidden. CS: 2,3

I was 12 years old the first time I was asked about masturbation during a Bishops interview. I think I was surprised to be asked that kind of question by a priesthood leader. Being caught off guard, I told the Bishop that I didn’t but that was a lie. From that time forward in each…

#18 Name Hidden. CS: 1

I was 7 the first time I was asked if I “abide by the law of chastity.” Not knowing what that meant, I asked for a definition. In that room in front of a man I barely knew, I was given my first discussion about female anatomy and intercourse, oral sex, and more. Disgusting!