Below is a template to set interview boundaries for your bishop.  Please modify to fit your situation.  Be sure to discuss with your children.  They may be the front line to assure that no one-on-one interviews take place.

Dear Bishop,

Our family has decided to set the following boundaries with regards to our children.

  1. Our children are not to participate in any one-on-one interviews with anyone in the stake, including the bishop.
  2. We are to be notified in advance of any interviews with our children.
  3. One of us must to be present in all interviews with our children.
  4. No sexual matters are to be discussed during any meetings involving our children.

These limits have been discussed with our kids.  We and they fully expect that these boundaries will be respected.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

This decision does not diminish our esteem for you as our bishop.  We appreciate and thank you for your dedicated service.